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    TeXonWeb is project enabling usage of DTP system TeX/LaTeX in web browser.

    System description

    In new version we prefer autentization. Please, create and use your own user account. Usage without login is limited in functionality.

    System background

    TeXonWeb project runs on tetex from Linux CentOS 5.2 distribution. Web applications are created in Perl with module CGI and JavaScript.

    Quick start

    Main element in page is text field, where you can write document source code. Use common TeX/LaTeX macros.

    To get output push button PostScript or PDF. Web browser returns document in requested format. You can also view log file in case of some errors or unexpected results. For it push button View log file

    Simple example:


    Hello World!


    Resulting document then contains text "Hello World!".

    Create user account

    Basic environment (without loggin in) offers just typing TeX/LaTeX source code and get PDF od PostSript document. More comfortable environment is available after creating your own user account and login. There you can work with more files, design layout of main page, use document templates, spell checker and many more.

    If you want to create your own user account click Create user on main page. Then specify your login name and password. Maximum length of user name should be 20 characters. Don't use spaces in login name. User account is then created. If you try to use login name already exists, you will be warned and should use another one.

    User login

    You can login after creating your own account. You should specify correct login name and password.

    Menu bar

    Above the editor there is menu bar helping to access functions and tools of TeXonWeb.

    Menu File

    This menu allows to work with files.

    • Item New creates new document.
    • Item Open offers user to edit file stored on server.
    • Item Upload allows to load and save file from local computer to server.
    • Item Save saves source code to file on server.
    • Item Download saves source code to user's local computer.
    • File management opens application to work with files.
    • Items Export do PDF/PS compiles source code and returns requested format.
    Menu Edit

    This menu allows edit funcions in editor.

    • Item Undo returns back previous action.
    • Item Redo commits again returned action.
    • Item Copy copies selected text.
    • Item Paste inserts copied text.
    Menu Settings

    This menu allows to set user working environment.

    • Item Font settings allows to set font size and weight. This setting could be useful when presenting on data projector.
    • Item Syntax highlight switches on/off highlighting of TeX/LaTeX macros and special characters.
    • Item Line numbers switches on/off line numbers in source code (not available yet).
    • Item Toolbar switches on/off toolbar with buttons for inserting LaTeX macros.
    • Item Properties opens dialog to set all properties of TeXonWeb permanently.
    Menu templates

    This menu offers templates of common documents. Just select one, fill parameters, click to compile and you get resulting preformatted document. Now only in Czech version.

    Menu Tools

    This menu offer useful functions.

    • Item Spell checker displays mispelled words in text.
    • Item Index allows to create index in document (not available yet).
    • Item Non-breaking spaces inserts non-breaking spaces to proper places in document.
    • Item Table wizard helps to design tables.
    • Item Insert image helps to insert image into document.
    Menu Help

    Any questions or problems?.

    • Item Documentation documentation of TeXonWeb.
    • Item About shows version of TeXonWeb.

    System settings

    Here you can modify your settings of working environment. You can set translation parameters and layout of desktop. For translator set default values which are used when compiling document without setting it everytime on main page. Also you can switch on or off components in main page. Set what you want to see and what should be invisible.

    Everything is described directly in application Settings.

    File management

    Here you can manage your files stored on server where TeXonWeb runs. Usualy users save there images, style definitions or other TeX/LaTeX files they want to include in resulting document. File size is limited to 2MB. Larger files cannot be saved.

    To upload file list it using dialog in file management and click Upload. You can easily open file just clicking it in file management application. If you want to delete some of your files, check them and click Delete.

    Document templates

    TeXonWeb offers to user templates of common documents. This could help beginers to create complicated documents they are not able to do. In this version no templates in english are available. Sorry.


    What we want to do in very close time:

    • Document templates
    • English translation
    • Table wizard
    • Inserting images
    • Spell checker

    Useful links

    If you want to know more abou TeX/LaTex see

    Other information

    If any questions or suggestions write email to jprich at

    System is in continuous development and sometimes there could be some errors. We try to avoid this and test all releases but one never can tell. :-)